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The Government of Canada has created a vast array of diverse immigration programs that maximize immigrants’ economic, social, and cultural contributions to Canada while at the same time protecting the health, safety, and security of Canadians. Canada’s permanent resident schemes consist of both economic and non-economic programs. At Emigrance Consulting & Immigration Inc., we can assist you in determining which pathway may work best for you and your family.

Range of Programs


  • Express Entry for skilled workers
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Self-employed Visa
  • Start-up Business Visa
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
  • Caregiver ProgramsFind out more 


  • Spousal, common-law, and conjugal partner sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship
  • Family class sponsorship
  • Humanitarian and compassionate consideration
  • Persons in Need of Protection
  • Refugees
  • AdoptionsFind out more

Express Entry draw list: 2020

Draw No.DateSpecific drawCRS pointsInvitations issued
21502-Feb-22Provincial Nominee Program1070674
21419-Jan-22Provincial Nominee Program1036745
21305-Jan-22Provincial Nominee Program392808
21222-Dec-21Provincial Nominee Program746720
21110-Dec-21Provincial Nominee Program1032698
21024-Nov-21Provincial Nominee Program613737
20910-Nov-21Provincial Nominee Program775685
20827-Oct-21Provincial Nominee Program888744
20713-Oct-21Provincial Nominee Program681720
20629-Sep-21Provincial Nominee Program761742
20515-Sep-21Provincial Nominee Program521732
20414-Sep-21Canadian Experience Class2,000462
20301-Sep-21Provincial Nominee Program635764
20219-Aug-21Canadian Experience Class3,000403
20118-Aug-21Provincial Nominee Program463751
20005-Aug-21Canadian Experience Class3,000404
19904-Aug-21Provincial Nominee Program512760
19822-Jul-21Canadian Experience Class4,500357
19721-Jul-21Provincial Nominee Program462734
19608-Jul-21Canadian Experience Class4500369
19507-Jul-21Provincial Nominee Program627760
19424-Jun-21Canadian Experience Class6000357
19323-Jun-21Provincial Nominee Program1002742
19210-Jun-21Canadian Experience Class6,000368
19109-Jun-21Provincial Nominee Program940711
19031-May-21Canadian Experience Class5956380
18926-May-21Provincial Nominee Program500713
18820-May-21Canadian Experience Class1842397
18713-May-21Canadian Experience Class4147401
18612-May-21Provincial Nominee Program557752
18529-Apr-21Canadian Experience Class6000400
18428-Apr-21Provincial Nominee Program381717
18316-Apr-21Canadian Experience Class6000417
18214-Apr-21Provincial Nominee Program266753
18101-Apr-21Canadian Experience Class5000432
18031-Mar-21Provincial Nominee Program284778
17918-Mar-21Canadian Experience Class5000449
17817-Mar-21Provincial Nominee Program183682
17708-Mar-21Provincial Nominee Program671739
17613-Feb-21Canadian Experience Class27,33275
17510-Feb-21Provincial Nominee Program654720
17421-Jan-21Canadian Experience Class4626454
17320-Jan-21Provincial Nominee Class374741
17207-Jan-21Canadian Experience Class4750461
17106-Jan-21Provincial Nominee Program250813
17023-Dec-20No program specified5000468
16909-Dec-20No program specified5000469
16825-Nov-20No program specified5000469
16718-Nov-20No program specified5000472
16605-Nov-20No program specified4500478
16514-Oct-20No program specified4500471
16430-Sep-20No program specified4200471
16316-Sep-20No program specified4200472
16202-Sep-20No program specified4200475
16120-Aug-20Canadian Experience Class3300454
16019-Aug-20Provincial Nominee Program600771
15906-Aug-20Federal Skilled Trades250415
15805-Aug-20No program specified3900476
15723-Jul-20Canadian Experience Class3343445
15622-Jul-20Provincial Nominee Program557687
15508-Jul-20No program specified3900478
15425-Jun-20Canadian Experience Class3508431
15324-Jun-20Provincial Nominee Program392696
15211-Jun-20Canadian Experience Class3559437
15110-Jun-20Provincial Nominee Program341743
15028-May-20Canadian Experience Class3515440
14927-May-20Provincial Nominee Program385757
14814-May-20Canadian Experience Class3371447
14713-May-20Provincial Nominee Program529718
14630-Apr-20Canadian Experience Class3311452
14529-Apr-20Provincial Nominee Program589692
14416-Apr-20Canadian Experience Class3782455
14315-Apr-20Provincial Nominee Program118808
14209-Apr-20Canadian Experience Class3294464
14109-Apr-20Provincial Nominee Program606698
14023-Mar-20Canadian Experience Class3232467
13918-Mar-20Provincial Nominee Program668720
13804-Mar-20No program specified3900471
13719-Feb-20No program specified4500470
13605-Feb-20No program specified3500472
13522-Jan-20No program specified3400471
13408-Jan-20No program specified3400473
13319-Dec-19No program specified3200469
13211-Dec-19No program specified3200472
13127-Nov-19No program specified3600471
13013-Nov-19No program specified3600472
12930-Oct-19No program specified3900475
12816-Oct-19Federal Skilled Trades500357
12702-Oct-19No program specified3900464
12618-Sep-19No program specified3600462
12504-Sep-19No program specified3600463
12420-Aug-19No program specified3600457
12312-Aug-19No program specified3600466
12224-Jul-19No program specified3600459
12110-Jul-19No program specified3600460
12026-Jun-19No program specified3350462
11912-Jun-19No program specified3350465
11829-May-19No program specified3350470
11715-May-19Federal Skilled Trades500332
11601-May-19No program specified3350450
11517-Apr-19No program specified3350451
11403-Apr-19No program specified3350451
11320-Mar-19No program specified3350452
11206-Mar-19No program specified3350454
11120-Feb-19No program specified3350457
11030-Jan-19No program specified3350438
10923-Jan-19No program specified3900443
10809-Jan-19No program specified3900449
10719-Dec-18No program specified3900439
10612-Dec-18No program specified3900445
10528-Nov-18No program specified3900445
10414-Nov-18No program specified3900449
10329-Oct-18No program specified3900442
10215-Oct-18No program specified3900440
10103-Oct-18No program specified3900445
10024-Sep-18Federal Skilled Trades400284
9919-Sep-18No program specified3500441
9805-Sep-18No program specified3900440
9722-Aug-18No program specified3750440
9608-Aug-18No program specified3750440
9525-Jul-18No program specified3750441
9411-Jul-18No program specified3750442
9325-Jun-18No program specified3750442
9213-Jun-18No program specified3750451
9130-May-18Federal Skilled Trades500288
9130-May-18Provincial Nominee Program200902
9023-May-18No program specified3500440
8909-May-18No program specified3500441
8825-Apr-18No program specified3500441
8711-Apr-18No program specified3500444
8626-Mar-18No program specified3000446
8514-Mar-18No program specified3000456
8421-Feb-18No program specified3000442
8307-Feb-18No program specified3000442
8224-Jan-18No program specified2750444
8110-Jan-18No program specified2750446
8020-Dec-17No program specified2750446
7906-Dec-17No program specified2750452
7815-Nov-17No program specified2750439
7708-Nov-17No program specified2000458
7601-Nov-17Federal Skilled Trades505241
7501-Nov-17Provincial Nominee Program290673
7418-Oct-17No program specified2757436
7304-Oct-17No program specified2801438
7220-Sep-17No program specified2871433
7106-Sep-17No program specified2772435
7023-Aug-17No program specified3035434
6909-Aug-17No program specified2991433
6802-Aug-17No program specified3264441
6712-Jul-17No program specified3202440
6628-Jun-17No program specified3409449
6531-May-17No program specified3877413
6426-May-17Federal Skilled Trades400199
6326-May-17Provincial Nominee Program143775
6217-May-17No program specified3687415
6104-May-17No program specified3796423
6019-Apr-17No program specified3665415
5912-Apr-17No program specified3923423
5805-Apr-17No program specified3753431
5724-Mar-17No program specified3749441
5601-Mar-17No program specified3884434
5522-Feb-17No program specified3611441
5408-Feb-17No program specified3644447
5325-Jan-17No program specified3508453
5211-Jan-17No program specified3334459
5104-Jan-17No program specified2902468
5022-Dec-16No program specified2878475
4916-Dec-16No program specified1936497
4830-Nov-16Provincial Nominee Program559786
4716-Nov-16No program specified2427470
4602-Nov-16No program specified2080472
4519-Oct-16No program specified1804475
4412-Oct-16No program specified1518484
4321-Sep-16No program specified1288483
4207-Sep-16No program specified1000491
4124-Aug-16No program specified750538
4010-Aug-16No program specified754490
3927-Jul-16No program specified755488
3813-Jul-16No program specified747482
3729-Jun-16No program specified773482
3615-Jun-16No program specified752488
3501-Jun-16No program specified762483
3418-May-16No program specified763484
3306-May-16No program specified799534
3220-Apr-16No program specified1018468
3106-Apr-16No program specified954470
3023-Mar-16No program specified1014470
2909-Mar-16No program specified1013473
2824-Feb-16No program specified1484453
2710-Feb-16No program specified1505459
2627-Jan-16No program specified1468457
2513-Jan-16No program specified1518453
2406-Jan-16No program specified1463461
2318-Dec-15No program specified1503460
2204-Dec-15No program specified1451461
2127-Nov-15No program specified1559472
2013-Nov-15No program specified1506484
1923-Oct-15No program specified1502489
1802-Oct-15No program specified1530450
1718-Sep-15No program specified1545450
1608-Sep-15No program specified1517459
1521-Aug-15No program specified1523456
1407-Aug-15No program specified1402471
1317-Jul-15No program specified1581451
1210-Jul-15No program specified1516463
1126-Jun-15No program specified1575469
1012-Jun-15No program specified1501482
922-May-15No program specified1361755
817-Apr-15No program specified715453
710-Apr-15No program specified925469
627-Mar-15No program specified1637453
520-Mar-15No program specified1620481
427-Feb-15No program specified1187735
320-Feb-15Canadian Experience Class849808
207-Feb-15No program specified779818
131-Jan-15No program specified779886

Research beyond the permanent resident

A permanent resident (PR) is a citizen of another country who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. A permanent resident is not a Canadian citizen.

A person in Canada who is in Canada temporarily, such as a student, or foreign worker, or visitor is not a permanent resident.

Refugee claimants may become permanent residents after the Immigration and Refugee Board approves their claim. Then, they must apply for and get permanent resident status.

As a permanent resident, you will need a PR card to show that you have permanent resident status in Canada. If you travel outside Canada, you will need to show your card and your passport when you come back on a commercial vehicle, like an airplane, boat, train or bus. Otherwise, you need to apply for a permanent resident travel document before returning to Canada by a commercial vehicle.

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As a permanent resident, you have the right to:

  • receive most social benefits that Canadian citizens receive, such as health care coverage
  • live, work or study anywhere in Canada
  • apply for Canadian citizenship after a period of time
  • protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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